Brokers Online

Brokers Online

Brokers Online help beginner investors by guiding them through the learning process and getting them started on the right foot. When ready, we offer the most comprehensive comparison engine to help people find the best broker for their needs.


Project Summary

Provide new traders with a simplified flow of information to start their journey with confidence


CTO, SEO, User researchers, User interface designers, Marketing.


9 months


Brand guide, Design system, Tone and voice guidelines, Research insights, Information architecture



Methodologies used

Stakeholder interviews    – Competitive audit    – Service blueprint    – User interview and usability testings    – Content strategy    – Taxonomies    – User personas    – Scenarios    – Mental model    – Workshops    – Moodboard    – Wireframes    – Prototype    – Design system    – SUS, NPS, Heuristic, Quantitative, Behavior psycology, Architecture, Flows documentation.

The vision

To be the number one Forex Broker comparison site for beginner

Emphasize the problem

We started the project with a fruitful Product Thinking workshop conducted online via Miro for key players and stakeholders.


Browse our tests and compare brokers along more than 50 dimensions. We compare brokers be it a local one or a large international platform. Our reviews will show how to go from the account opening steps to the withdrawal of your profit.

Nobody said it was going to be easy

Every project has constraints. It’s a good thing we love a challenge.

  • One of the most complex parts of designing a worldwide product is ensuring it fits every cultural environment.
  • Migration of 19 language legacy
  • We include in our portfolio stocks, options, crypto, and CFDs. We had to set our expectations taking into consideration a demanding learning curve.
  • We were a small team.
  • Challenging scope and timeframe

Learning curve

Generally, the teaching process is expected to be simple, truthful and flexible with users’ demands. – time management, experience or motivation on a particular topic

Workspace shared by designers, product management, SEO and developers

Comparison engine

Compare implies a technical analysis from the attributes of at least two things.

The main goal of this action is to define how we can help people choose the better choice after running a deep and logical analysis of all the attributes sorted. It also implies a sense of fairness and objectivity when we show the data.

Research insights

  • ‘I make decisions based on the cleaner UI.’
  • ‘I Invest to avoid the perfect storm.’
  • ‘I would say to the newcomers, jump in. Invest while you learn.’
  • ‘Trustworthy but not boring.’

The Moodboard

Anything that can help form a creative decision for any aspect of the project, such as; colour, texture, composition, lighting, typography, style, era, video samples, shapes, any images that inspire an idea, and more.

A brand can only provide guidance if the people trust them

Aesthetics is not just about the artistic merit of web buttons or other visual effects but about how people respond to these elements.

The elements of a brand must have an attribute that reflects the company's values and lets them identify from the rest of the competitors.​


Brands that represent the core values of their users will be resilient to errors and miscommunications. We tend to show greater benevolence to those we like the most.​

Design system

We delivered a working product, design, and research system that set a foundation to build upon.
Design system
Airtable repository

Research system

We took the «seeing is believing» philosophy, where insights from User Research were presented as bite-sized, tangible, and accessible nuggets of information that the stakeholders could understand. These nuggets served as research vignettes — evocative accounts of user pain points and desires.

UX Writing

New products come with a learning curve, and even long-term users sometimes need guidance. UX writing acts as a helping hand in these situations, making the experience straightforward and intuitive.
Brand & Voice workshop

Project Measurement

Work collaboratively and empathetically, guided by our company values: Hypothesize, build, measure, learn; drivers of solutions; and relentless self-improvement

Increased traffic and revenue in growing markets

Improved commercial performance in top forex products

The first month we received more than +1.500 pageviews

A UX strategy is a detailed plan to align a company’s brand identity with the desired user experience at every customer touchpoint. To be most effective, this plan should be in place before design even begins.

Key skills: UX research, design principles, behavioural psychology, negotiation, design thinking, communication, leadership, business acumen.