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connecting brands with content creators

Lemmonet Influencers was an idea for a platform that caters specifically to social media influencers and marketing professionals. The goal was to change the scene and revolutionize the way companies handle their communications.


We had to re-think the brand we once knew into something bigger, more mature, and more professional.

Research Insights

First, we set out to analyze the context and our users to define objectives for the product based on their needs.

  • We had to present all the information in a 'straight forward' format, offering the possibility of researching the simplest way possible.
  • We had to keep on eye on minimizing redundant categories and adapt the platform to a known mental model for the users.
  • We set out to generate a platform with only the strictly amount of depth levels. Users at this stage are overwhelmed by information, therefore, we proposed to take a diametrically opposite direction.

digital product discovery

Product Research
  • Insights
  • Use cases
  • Core features
  • Opportunities
Development Solutions
  • Customized
  • Measurable
  • Improvable
  • Scalable

understanding bussiness process

A common place.

One of the most motivated things about this project was the diversity of users that the product impacted on. All of them visit Lemmonet Influencers with one objective in mind: Create a meaningful relationship between people.

Marketing Analyst / 32 years
Claudia Tyler

"I want to find motivated people"

Bussiness Owner / 27 years
Daniel Jackson

"I need help with my brief and to define the best KPI to measure the ROI."

Fashion Influencer / 24 years
Mary Dawson

"I want to start making money with my posts"

Be the User

The goal in this stage it's to be in the user’s shoes and understand their problems and what they need to solve them.

  • Remove bias from our designs and align the team on a single, shared understanding of the user.
  • Discover the weaknesses in our research.
  • Uncover user needs that the user may not even be aware of.
  • Understand what drives users’ behaviours.
  • Guide us towards meaningful innovation.

Expectant and Nervous

  • In contact with a ton of support material.
  • Actively looking for new content.
  • Seeking out new advertisement options.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Considering how much they can rely on the sources of information.
  • Looking to save time and money.

Two different solutions for two different needs

We had already defined a navigation paradigm with which we were happy, now we had to solve it in an attractive, clean, and intuitive visual way.

All great ideas start on paper

Paper first approach means that every screen, stage, and interaction gets sketched, drawn, dribbled, annotated, and critiqued before getting digitalized. This way we can test ideas quickly, iterating and refining the product on the go

A flexible structure that allows to preview a post before send it

Track and reach the audience through an extensive report section

Guidance and assistance through the process.

A tech that allowed us to scale the product, save time, and standardize the process.

Through these technologies, we were able to maximize their conversion rate and improve performance.

The Brand

Lemmonet is a digital advertising group, founded in 2013. Has specialized in Mobile Advertising, Programmatic Video Advertising and Outdoor Advertising. Lemmonet has expanded progressively towards South America, Europe and Asia. With headquarters in London, they are starting to be a relevant player in the global advertisement sector