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Knowledge is power

We teamed up to design a platform that caters specifically to their users and business model. In today’s digital world we value speed and simplicity. This is what enables one-click shopping and real-time updates but somehow for lawyers activities doesn't apply this principle.


We were responsible to go beyond our users needs to take the digital experience to the next level

Research Insights

We set out to analyze the context and our users to define how the experience should work.

  • We had to highlight through relevant content the importance of having a business partner who is updated and can provide reliable information.
  • We had to adapt the site to a known mental model for the users.
  • Users at this stage are overwhelmed by information, therefore, we prioritize information architecture and UX writing to be as clear as possible in our communications.

digital product discovery

Sector Research
  • Insights
  • Core features
  • Opportunities
Development Solutions
  • Customized
  • Measurable
  • Scalable
A common place.

Gather together all the scattered and complex information into a website extremely intuitive, user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing.

Lawyer / 28 years
Maria Lercia

"I would like to have a specialized web to consult"

Decision maker / 42 years
Daniel Ferri

"I need someone on whom I can rely on to help me find business opportunities."

Senior Lawyer / 34 years
Laura Garcia

"I prefer to have all the relevant information online with a powerful engine who help me to find gaps more easily"

Be the User

The goal in this stage it's to be in the user’s shoes and understand their problems and what they need to solve them.

  • Scared, needed for guidance.
  • Frustrated on research stages.
  • Overwhelmed with specialized information
  • Guide towards new ways to innovative.

Expectant and Nervous

  • In contact with a ton of support material.
  • Actively looking for new content.
  • Seeking out new options.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Considering how much they can rely on the sources of information.
  • Looking to save time and money.

From research to paper. The quickest and cheapest way of testing and iterating ideas.

Consistency is always one of the most challenging aspects of working with this kind of systems.

It was of vital importance been consistent so that users would think of both products as parts of the same service.

A distinct identity while staying consistent with the original visual system.

Building on top of the experience

to improve the Web-based part of their service.

The Brand

Rinci & Associates tributarists since 2001 have been stood out for providing the best legal-accounting service based on the uniqueness of each client.