Estudio Rinci

Estudio Rinci

Rinci & Associates is a law firm that, since 2001 have been stood out for providing the best legal-accounting service based on the uniqueness of each client

Project Summary

We teamed up to design a platform that caters to their users and business model. In today’s digital world, we value speed and simplicity. This enables one-click shopping and real-time updates, but, somehow, these principles do not apply to this industry. So, we come up with a question:


What would an engaging lawyer’s site look like?


CEOs, UI Designers, UX Writer, Engineers, SEO


18 months


Research insights, Product roadmap, user journey, UX writing, Prototypes, Development



Methodologies used

Stakeholder interviews    – Competitive audit    – Guerrilla UX    – Service blueprint    – User interview and usability testings    – Content strategy    – Taxonomies    – User personas    – Scenarios    – Mental model    – Workshops    – Moodboard    – Wireframes    – Prototype    – Design system    – SUS, NPS, Heuristic, Quantitative, Behavior psycology, Architecture, Flows documentation.

The vision

We were responsible for going beyond our users’ needs and taking the digital experience to a different level. We set out to analyze the context and users to define how the experience should behave

Emphasize the problem

Information Architecture and UX writing played a key role. We had to run a workshop to align the UX vision and educate stakeholders and employees on understanding the user’s mental model.


Research shows us a pattern of how users work. They were always seeking new sources of information while, at the same time, they considered how much they could rely on them.

Nobody said it was going to be easy

Every project has constraints. It’s a good thing we love a challenge.

  • Limited resources
  • We were the first in the industry trying to understand users’ behaviour
  • No monetisation model

The strategy

Estudio Rinci will try to fortify its SEO strategy, build a vlog and strengthen its social presence. The goal for 2023 is to be seen as the place to get new and innovative ideas, erasing the thick line that separates employees from content creators.

Turning users into partners​

Service cover

We provided specific documentation aimed at helping them promote coherence and consistency through their teams while giving them the freedom and flexibility to create specialised content without bureaucratic hurdles.​

We want to keep people moving along the desired path. We usually do that with direct information and clear steps to encourage action. It's about helping people understand the next step and giving them the context they need to take it.​


Project Measurement

Estudio Rinci has expanded progressively towards America and Europe acquiring new partnerships with relevant players in the global market.

+100 new monthly enquiries

Presence in +10 countries

A UX strategy is a detailed plan to align a company’s brand identity with the desired user experience at every customer touchpoint. To be most effective, this plan should be in place before design even begins.

Key skills: UX research, design principles, behavioural psychology, negotiation, design thinking, communication, leadership, business acumen.