Brokers Online

Brokers Online helps beginner investors by guiding them through the learning process and getting them started on the right foot. When ready we offer the most comprehensive comparison engine to help people find the best broker for their need

Estudio Rinci

We teamed up to design a platform that caters specifically to their users and business model. In today’s digital world we value speed and simplicity. This is what enables one-click shopping and real-time updates but somehow these principles are not applicable to this industry. So, we come up with a question:
What would an engaging lawyer’s site look like?


I worked alongside Argentinian startup Lemmonet, a Digital Advertising Group specialized in Mobile Advertising and Brand Influencers & Social Media in an app that makes a splash in the marketing scene and revolutionizes the way brands handle their relations.

California Avocado

Our challenge was to anchor the values and passion around avocado lovers, combining technology and design into a truly memorable experience. We decided to take a minimalistic path and applied a flat colour palette, trying different looks for avocado’s specific use.