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👋 Hey! I’m a UX Researcher with +10 years of experience helping start-ups and big companies deliver meaningful experiences across the globe

Trusted by top companies​


With my extensive experience working with other designers, executives, engineers, and marketing teams, I know how to help teams to remove friction and align business goals with user needs


Digital profiles prompt us to consider how we present ourselves in new contexts, shuffling through identities more rapidly than ever. Design and build a product, test an idea, and explore an opportunity with focus on impact, usability, and personality

Design strategy​

Draw user’s attention to the information they need to make smart choices. Focus on the critical, actionable content for each screen by understanding the specific scenarios needed to completion

Workshop facilitation​

I run collaborative problem-solving events for people where decisions get made and the consensus is built

Information architecture​​

Optimize the structure of data in ways that match user’s mental models to accelerate the navigation

UX Design and prototyping​​

Don’t start by focusing on the details of the user interface. Take some time to explore the problem space. Consider research, technical limitations, user flows, stress cases, existing patterns, and content.

Content strategy​​

We want to keep people moving along a desired path. Help them to understand the next step by giving the context they need to make a decision


I help colleagues develop creative confidence, improve their critical thinking skills, and enhance their ability to work together

Brokers Online

Brokers Online helps beginner investors by guiding them through the learning process and getting them started on the right foot. When ready we offer the most comprehensive comparison engine to help people find the best broker for their need

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Estudio Rinci

We teamed up to design a platform that caters specifically to their users and business model. In today’s digital world we value speed and simplicity. This is what enables one-click shopping and real-time updates but somehow these principles are not applicable to this industry. So, we come up with a question:
What would an engaging lawyer’s site look like?

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I worked alongside Argentinian startup Lemmonet, a Digital Advertising Group specialized in Mobile Advertising and Brand Influencers & Social Media in an app that makes a splash in the marketing scene and revolutionizes the way brands handle their relations.

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Looks like magic, works like science

Go beyond streamline tasks and let people enjoy the journey by taking advantage of scientific methods to improve business metrics and a human-centered approach to resolve problems.

Boost productivity without sacrificing creativity

Build experiences that work on every screen, on every platform, in every language, and in every country.