Personalización versus Customización

Personalización y customización ofrecen distintas ventajas en la experiencia del usuario. Ambas técnicas mejoran la eficiencia y fidelidad, pero deben equilibrarse con privacidad y costos.

Favoritos: Herramientas complementarias

Maximiza tu comercio electrónico: entiende favoritos, planifica compras con listas de deseos y conecta eficazmente mediante boletines informativos.

Guía completa para el uso de los favoritos

El comercio electrónico ha revolucionado la forma en que las personas adquieren productos y servicios en todo el mundo. Con unos pocos clics, los usuarios pueden hacer compras desde la comodidad de sus hogares y recibir los productos en su puerta en cuestión de días.

The psychology of design

As designers, we have an enormous responsibility to shape the world. We identify patterns and develop empathy to build products or services with a high frequency of use and a high perceived value. But how can we create experiences capable of solving a problem when there’s an infinite combination of people and contexts?

21 learnings to improve your website conversion

A selection of the top 21 lessons learnt during my +10 years of experience.

Multilingual websites

Potential traffic and conversions coming from having more translations pay back the efforts?

A UX designer’s guide to interpreting human behavior

The most unpredictable part of a UX designer’s job is people. Being able to manage and lead users with different personalities and backgrounds requires a set of soft skills that take practice and time to develop.

The emotional force of future things

Leaving behind utilitarianism to create wider product perception

Good design removes friction

Our experience of technology is about much more than time, it’s about creativity and adaptability and meaning-making

How to do a UX Competitor Analysis

Convince team members and stakeholders on changes you think would be beneficial or to argue for innovation