Dyson strive to create the future, every single day by developing new things, different things, things that go against the grain with a diverse and global team of ingenious minds.


Manage all of your Paid Media campaigns from a single location and effortlessly interpret the metrics and results of your campaigns, optimize your product catalog, design dynamic creatives and optimize your product catalog.


Telecommunications company Telefónica is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. In terms of size, it is the fourth largest telecommunications company in Europe and the thirteenth largest in the world.


Ámbito is one of the most widely read economic newspapers in Argentina. Get information about Economy, Business and Finance.

Model Management

The Model Management platform is an online community that connects photographers, agencies, brands, content creators, and other industry professionals with aspiring and professional models all over the world. Models can easily and effectively connect with professionals using this platform that promotes diversity, trust, and safety.